This sphere is my world. I reach any other circles from this sphere - from the my neighboorhood to my city, from my city to the land where I live. I believe ın points of view;as a matter of fact only these angles exist.I collect them.I do not scrutınıze one agaınst the other,but how each exists in spite of the others than togetherness.

I used to utilize my blog to email my works,then I started to share everything what I experienced,witnessed and collected.This did not happen all at once,but transformed in itself in the course of time.With several interventions,objects,people,potraits and writings,I document along with producing.I know that everyone of us need to depict his / her own story,and listen to others's.This is the very purpose and poınt of departure(angle) of mine.I response to the world like this whenever I fınd myself at the door of a paradox.Let the sound come ın,then think and desire?

Your choice will accompany;feeling something is lovely..

150 x 65 cm Billboard & stıcker letters