For Urban pedestals Mehmet dere has worked with a conceptual frame of hope.By using a primitive and simple tool such, he has installed a stencil depicting a man as a wrestler.He hold two clouds in his hands.which are connecting a rainbow.The rainbow is enligthenin the city with electric light in different rainbow colours.The installlatıons of the wrestler man with the rainbow is a ambiguous and subtle situatıon of a better tomorrow.Dere's work particulary in the urban space often with symbols and signs deferring from normal visual culture in the city.By setting free subtle and non-narrative creations in the urban space.Dere's work should be seen as twisting and diversifying the experience of the daily routine life when walking through the city.

URBAN PEDESTALS takes place in Nørrevoldgade in Copenhagen from the
31.08 - 21.09.07

30 x21 cm Stencil,wood & led lights